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Short Notice, Ad Hoc Bookings

Healthcare is vital round the clock and often can’t be planned for. We equip ourselves for your emergency by having a flexible database ready at a moment’s notice. Combining adaptability and experience, we make it our business to know the environments you operate in, and prepare accordingly. This is why we run a 24/7 service, with a qualified Consultant ready to help.

Short, Medium, Longer Term Contracts

Different ways of working suit different settings and different workers. Fitting one to the other requires discernment, wisdom and experience. That’s where Efficiency Health excels. We work all types of vacancies to cater for clients and staff needs. This could be to cover short or long term illness, Maternity leave or just the odd shift here and there.

Temporary to Permanent

Efficiency Health recognise that every working environment is unique. Sometimes it’s best to try different team combinations and ways of working. Our temp-to-perm option allows you to find the best fit before it’s set in stone.

Training and Compliance

Efficiency Health takes accountability very seriously and believe in encouraging people to fulfil their potential. Our comprehensive training and development programme complements our rigorous Compliance Safeguarding System to ensure our teams are always safe, prepared and motivated.

Domiciliary Care

Caring in the true sense of the word

The sensitivity required for competent care comes from within, a disposition. Our carers reflect on caring as a vocation, a calling, not a job. True caring comes from engagement with the client, being present in the moment, attending to a client’s needs, while being attentive to their person.

Caring for you in your own home.

We understand that one of the most difficult things for many of us in life, is to ask for help. After a lifetime of experiences, it might seem improper, demeaning or embarrassing. Yet asking for assistance is not a demonstration of weakness, rather a realisation that one’s quality of life, physically and/or emotionally, can be enhanced with some kind and reliable help, without suffering any loss of independence or dignity. By working with Efficiency Health you can stay in the home you love, receiving all the care you need, enabling you to enjoy a great quality of life, with the flexibility of having family and friends over when you choose.

What can regular care mean for you?

  • Ease the strain on family, especially the main family carer
  • Provide peace of mind for family members who live far away
  • Encourage and improve the independence for you or your loved one
  • Establish structure with care calls being arranged at agreed times each day
  • Regular carers building and developing a relationship such that clients look forward to carers calling

Supported Living

Our service offers independent living with access to a range of benefits often unavailable to people in care. Our flexible support is regularly evaluated and adjusted to suit every stage of recovery. Through partnerships we provide solutions to a variety of day to day challenges met by individuals, organisations and companies. Our primary role and main area of expertise is to provide supported accommodation with the added benefit of floating care packages that allow individuals to be treated or supported in a dwelling that they hold the tenancy too.

Our supported living and domiciliary care programme helps people all over the country from all walks of life to live more independent and happy lives. We actively encourage the discovery of new skills and interests, supporting individuals in the community in homes they may already rent or own. Our programme provides support for people with:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Severe physical disabilities
  • Autistic spectrum conditions
  • Complex needs
  • Mental health problems
  • A history of drug or alcohol dependancy
  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • PTSD
  • Personality Disorder 
  • Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers 
  • Complex Needs
  • Higher Support needs 

Areas Covered

 Bristol, Gloucester, Kent – Swanley, Dartford and Sevenoaks

This can be either through social care funding or privately. Efficiency Health & Homecare Services can assist in offering advice on how to obtain funding suited to each individual’s personal circumstances. We have a trained social worker who is on-hand to offer advice and assistance. An appointment has to made with the social worker to discuss the best options for an individual’s funding. Those that already have funding will be assisted with setting up a care package to suit their needs. We provide three basic care packages that can be adapted to an individual’s needs and requirements. They are high, medium and low dependency care packages which can be explained further during the assessment process

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